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Dr. Aristotle Economou

L.Ac.(Az), Dipl. Ac. (IAMA), D.C. 

Is Your Diagnosis
A Prognosis?

What health problem are you experiencing?


Think of the WHY you want help? Got it? Great!

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Relief? Illness reduction? Better internal health? More time with a doctor? Hope for a better tomorrow?

  • Sleep through the night? More energy? Get back on track? Improved health? Relief without side effects? Wellness care? Lifestyle changes? Prevention? Weight issues? How to participate in your healing?

  • Greater vitality? A new way to see yourself? Avoid surgery? Restored lifestyle? Second opinion? Digestion?

What's On Your Mind?

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When Dr. Aristotle was paralyzed in 2006, he integrated a revolutionary approach called Participatory Medicine and Functional Medicine.. using a blend of Eastern and Western methods that changed the prognosis and his life... he stepped out of a wheelchair.  Read more...

Dr. Aristotle is state and nationally board certified. 


His international clinical experience includes his role in a diplomatic medical acupuncture and Eastern medicine exchange tour in The People’s Republic of China at the following hospitals and research institutes;​

  • ​Shanghai Long Hua Hospital

  • Shanghai Qigong Research Institute

  • Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture

  • Shanghai Medical University

  • Beijing People’s Hospital

  • Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine  ​


We offer worldwide consulting and education via tele-health. Patients from four continents have participated in care via telephone or in our Beverly Hills clinic.

Consult directly with our clinic advisor. Answer your questions and see if your case is a match for what we offer and provide you with a general estimate of fees.

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Dr. Aristotle's Book

Read Dr. Aristotle's book, "Change The Way You Heal." Learn the steps he took to overcome an autoimmune journey & recover from complete paralysis. Click to order.

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"Change The Way You Heal."

"The techniques Dr. Aristotle shares will have a positive impact ​throughout your healing quest."

~ Jack Canfield

Co-Author, Best Selling "Chicken Soup For The Soul" Series & "The Success Principals™"

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"Doctors are trained to treat the diagnosis, not the patient. When they experience a disease it can become their teacher & reveal to them their healing potential. Read & learn from the wisdom contained here."

~ Dr. Bernie Siegel M.D.

Author of  "Love, Medicine, Miracles, Faith, Hope & Healing"

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Long term health problems can start with unidentified toxins that have slowly accumulated and damaged the chemistry in your body's various systems.

The Aristotle Method is a unique skill set with time tested diagnostic and healing techniques that we execute with tenacity, acumen and professionalism.

Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metal toxicity looks like symptoms of other ailments, but may not be immediately considered as the cause.

What We Do

The Aristotle Method is a unique skill set with time tested diagnostic techniques that we execute with tenacity, acumen and professionalism.


Treatment Programs

The various modalities we integrate are reflected by the diversity of our clients’ health problems and solutions we present.

Second Opinion

Whether in person or on the telephone, it never hurts to get input from another doctor.
Second opinions are also a way to learn about your choices for treatment.

What's Blocking Your Energy?

Your energy is blocked by many factors such as stress, unresolved health problems, past injuries, toxicity, and missing nutrients.

We can now document and measure where your energy is blocked. Schedule your Meridian analysis.



"As I walked out of your office today, I was shocked to see that I forgot my 2 walking crutches in the waiting room!  I have never done that before! "

~ Earl V.

Production Supervisor