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Get Back To Your Life With A Natural Approach.

Helping those with unresolved health issues lasting more than three months.

Top Integrative Doctor In Beverly Hills. Author of Change The Way You Heal.


Dr. Aristotle Economou

L.Ac.(Az), Dipl. Ac. (IAMA), D.C. 

Your Health Problem &
The Root Cause.

Uncovering the root cause is the first step.


Our global tele-health, clinic and coaching programs are tailored to your lifestyle, medical history, symptoms and biochemistry data from laboratory results.

Over the last 30 years, Dr Aristotle has helped those that have tried everything to overcome a health problem.

He understands what it is to experience a frustrating diagnosis.


He was paralyzed in 2006 with an autoimmune condition and confined to a wheelchair with a poor "prognosis"

of not walking again.

To overcome his paralysis, he integrated; "Participatory Medicine" and "Functional Medicine" using a blend of Eastern and Western methods that changed the prognosis of lifetime paralysis and stepped out of a wheelchair.  Read more...

Dr. Aristotle is state and nationally board certified. 


His international clinical experience includes a diplomatic medical acupuncture and Eastern medicine exchange tour in The People’s Republic of China at the following hospitals and research institutes;​

  • ​Shanghai Long Hua Hospital

  • Shanghai Qigong Research Institute

  • Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture

  • Shanghai Medical University

  • Beijing People’s Hospital

  • Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine  ​


Click here for a complimentary telephone "Consultation" to answer questions with our clinic advisor and see if your case is a match for our virtual or clinic services and provide you with a general estimate of fees.


Patients and clients from four continents have participated in care via telephone or in our Beverly Hills clinic.

Modern Integrative Care 

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Read Dr. Aristotle's Book

Read Dr. Aristotle's book, "Change The Way You Heal." Discover the steps he took to overcome an autoimmune journey & recover from complete paralysis.


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