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L.Ac.(Az), Dipl. Ac. (IAMA) D.C. 

Modern Holistic Care

~Since 1990​~​​​


What Makes 
Dr. Aristotle Different?

Dr. Aristotle suddenly became paralyzed during his career in 2006 and understands health challenges. 

He was diagnosed with a severe and disabling autoimmune condition. This life changing event left him confined to an electric wheelchair requiring 24/7 care.. only able to blink his eyes and slightly move his hands at the wrists.

Told he would not walk again, Dr. Aristotle began his journey. He integrated a blend of new and time tested healing techniques in Eastern and Western medicine to help strengthen and rebalance his system to restore function.

This is how The Aristotle Method evolved.


Today his recovery is considered a miracle but he now understands what his patients are experiencing when faced with health challenges no matter how mild or severe. Dr. Aristotle will help you maximize your healing abilities using the same methods that worked for him. Patients from four continents that have received care in his clinic.

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In Dr. Aristotle's book, "Change The Way You Heal," he shares the steps he took to overcome an autoimmune journey & recover from complete paralysis.

Click to order on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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What world-renowned professionals you trust are saying about Dr. Aristotle's book?


"The techniques Dr. Aristotle shares will have a positive impact ​throughout your healing quest."

Jack Canfield

Co-Author, Best Selling "Chicken Soup For The Soul" Series & "The Success Principals™"

"Doctors are trained to treat the diagnosis, not the patient. When they experience a disease it can become their teacher & reveal to them their healing potential. Read & learn from the wisdom contained here."

Dr. Bernie Siegel M.D.

Author, "Love, Medicine, Miracles, Faith, Hope & Healing"

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How does your Energy Score change your lifestyle? 

Our energy is affected by many factors: stress, unresolved health problems, past injuries, toxicity, and missing nutrients.

See what's blocking your energy. Schedule your meridian analysis today.


Heavy Metals Detox Workshop

"It was an excellent lecture. Your discussion on heavy metals and how they contribute to pain in the body was fascinating.

I want more!"


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