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In Dr. Aristotle's book; Change The Way You Heal, he shares his miraculous journey of healing transformation using mind, body, and spirit techniques he had been teaching patients for years. In each chapter, Aristotle introduces a new focus to instruct readers on how to actively participate in their own healing process—showing them how to maintain their progress, rather than falling into the trap of giving up. 

Through the narrative of Dr. Aristotle’s personal healing experience, you’ll learn how to begin implementing specific healing actions into your own life.  If a severe injury or simple aches and pains prohibit you from living life to the fullest, order your copy today to train yourself to consciously heal.


In addition to discussing the mind, body, and spirit connection, Change The Way You Heal also offers real life direction in the healing process. 

Dr. Aristotle shares with your descriptions of how common holistic therapies work, along with techniques to assist yourself or loved ones currently going through a health crisis.

Change The Way You Heal includes the easy-to-find location of “wellness points,” also known as pressure points, necessary for addressing more than 100 types of common health challenges. 

Learn how to use these energy points at home and how they respond to pressure and certain frequencies of light. Traditionally, “wellness point maps” were tucked away in specialized acupuncture books and Chinese medical texts dating back 3,500 years.


According to a nationwide government survey released in 2008, approximately 38 percent of the U.S. population uses some form of holistic medicine. This number reflects the millions of people who not only want to heal, but also wish to prevent discomfort and disease before it happens.

When you purchase this book, you will have the tools for long-standing health problems and will also find ways to slow the aging process, increase vitality, and live the fullest life possible.

As you read the book and implement the techniques, you may find yourself wishing that you could add an external boost to your recovery.  Take a look at  painless and non-invasive tools Dr. Aristotle uses to help his patients recover.


Chapter 1 - Embracing Your Own Power
Who is The Healer?
Reconnect and Change Your Thoughts
Would Now be a Good Time to Start?
Chapter 2 - My Own Journey
View From The Top
Just One of Those Days
The Death of Denial
Intensive Care
Physician, Heal Thyself
Chapter 3 - Step 1. Identify the Cause
The Causes of Illness
You Really Are What You Eat
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Infrared Solutions
Healing Reactions (Cell Memory and Retracing)
Chapter 4 - Step 2. Seeking Support
The Importance of Family and Friends
Western Medicine Offers Help
Chapter 5 - Step 3. Electromagnetics and Your Body
Meridians: The Life Force
The Causes of Meridian Blockages and Imbalances
Physical Injury and Scars
What is Our Source of Energy?

Chapter 6 - Step 4. How to Inspire During Illness
The Power of Prayer
YouTube Inspired
The Healing Presence of Animals
Emotional Fingerprints
Chapter 7 - Step 5. Mental Paths to Healing
The Acceptance and Release of Fear
How Does Perception Affect Healing?
What Do You Focus On?
Are Miracles a Choice?
Chapter 8 - Step 6. 8 Timeless Tools of Healing 
The Acupuncture Meridians
The Power of Breathing
Five Elements Meditation
Gua Sha
Herbs, Vitamins, and Homeopathy
Synchronizing Your Chakra System
The Five Elements
Chapter 9 - Step 7. 47 Lifestyle Tips
Tips to Help You Heal
Healing in Hospitals
Managing Medications
Tips for Meridian Point Support
Methods of Point Stimulation
Getting Started
Chapter 10 -Meridian Wellness Points