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​You can schedule a consultation generally upon the invitation or referral from one of our clients, a healthcare practitioner, or your doctor. If you are unable to provide a referral, please ask your doctor to refer you.
We do this because we know from over 25 years of experience that not everyone's case matches with what we have to offer.

Some like the assembly line style of practice where there is little friendliness or focus on your case. This we are not.
We spend a lot of time in the clinic and want to minimize our patient's stress so we can identify treatment solutions for those serious about care.  If you are happy because of your experience with us, you will invite your friends to see us and we will continue to grow you'll achieve the quality of life you desire. 

Click the book consultation button to see if our services are a match what you're looking for and answer your questions.

If not, we will help you find another specialist in the area. Please mention the name of the patient or health practitioner that referred you. 

Book a Consultation



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