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Whether in person or on the telephone, it never hurts to get input from another doctor. Keep in mind that health practitioners may be faced with unusual or challenging cases. When the first doctor’s opinion is the same or similar to the second doctor’s, your confidence will be increased.
There is nothing lost by consulting one more doctor for peace of mind. With health problems that wont go away, you should feel confident that you have chosen the most appropriate treatment for your specific situation. A valid opinion and appropriate course of treatment is your best option for return to good health or grasping control of your health problem.

Second opinions are also a way to learn about your choices for treatment. Some doctors are more conservative while others tend to be more aggressive. As a patient, you have choices to get a second opinion about your problem. Being informed is critical in making a decision.

Statistics show that over one-third of adults in the United States will never seek a second opinion and almost one tenth of newly diagnosed patients rarely, or never understand their diagnosis. A second opinion means you are consulting with another doctor to find possible different treatment choices available to you. It is recommended to get a second opinion as soon as possible to avoid delays in your treatment and recovery.

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