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"The healing techniques I shared are ultimately what worked for me."

-Dr. Aristotle Economou

I've been in private practice for over 25 yrs and I personally experienced the dangerous and life threatening effects of toxic heavy metals in 2006.

I was full of life, exercising daily, playing tennis, basketball, running, and many other activities. In only a matter of a few months, I became completely paralyzed and was confined to an electric wheelchair. Heavy metals not only devastated my professional and personal life but also destroyed the nerves and muscles throughout my body.

I ended up in the intensive care unit and in the hospital for 72 days. I required 24/7 care and could only move my eyes with slight movements at the wrists. I was hand-fed which took almost 2 hours per meal due to the challenges of chewing and swallowing food. I needed 100% help going to the bathroom and being lifted from the bed into the electric wheelchair. ( you can read my book about this experience and what I did: Change The Way You Heal. )

Through trial and error, combined with my background in integrative medicine and the help of colleagues, I discovered a targeted and effective method to heal and detoxify which resulted in my ability to walk again. It was not just one way but a blend of eastern and western healing techniques.

Today, I consult those seriously looking to detoxify from heavy metals.  My program begins with thorough laboratory testing of the biochemistry of your body. It's crucial to see how your ability to detoxify is functioning before beginning any heavy metal detoxification program. I see many people avoid this important and it is very dangerous to do so. If the proper protocol is not taken then a person may continue to suffer from chronic illness and are unable to overcome their health problem. This is then followed by a custom program that integrates a gentle, safe, and effective way to detox those toxic metals while supporting and strengthening your body.

Air, food and water are loaded with toxins found in our homes, office and outdoors. Its difficult to avoid them. Not just heavy metals but a multitude of other chemicals. This exposure results in a variety of diseases and health problems.

Conditions that don't seem to heal are generally associated with the presence of heavy metals. Some are minor problems while others are major. Examples include; fatigue, migraines, digestive issues, pain, allergies to other health problems such as cardiovascular issues, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer. Heavy metals are difficult to avoid.  The presence of metals in the environment such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium can have disastrous consequences for many of your organs including your liver, kidneys, muscles and nerves to name a few.
There are a variety of solutions to eliminate the metals from your body. The program I teach is the one that worked for me. It brought me from total paralysis to walking and enjoying my life again.  The approach to heavy metal detoxification is not a "one size fits all" as I have seen in many other programs.

To find out more about Heavy Metal Detoxification or our per-pregnancy detox program, make an appointment with Dr. Aristotle Economou of The Beverly Hills Wellness Clinic. Telephone consultations are also available.

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