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You may be familiar with electrical muscle examinations known as EMGs, along with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These tests evaluate the body utilizing electromagnetics.  Science has now confirmed the presence of an energetic meridian system, which controls the flow of electromagnetic energy throughout the body.  The Energetic Dimension is rooted in the acupuncture meridian system, which was discovered a few thousand years ago.  It’s influence on your emotions and physical healing potential is profound.

Modern technology allows us to perform a detailed, in-depth analysis of your body's energy flow using Meridian Imaging techniques.  This evaluation will be completed during your physical examination.

Dr. Aristotle uses one of the most advanced computerized Meridian Imaging devices in the world.   This is a revolution in modern meridian/acupuncture, enhancing the effect of ancient techniques by applying modern science.
This combination makes Dr. Aristotle's treatments comfortable and more effective for accelerated healing.  It also provides evidence-based examination data and treatment point selection.


This report gives the results of your Meridian Imaging evaluation and is an important component in choosing the most appropriate treatment specific to your health issue.

Your body’s meridian system is similar to radio waves, in that the human eye likewise does not see radio waves, but we understand they exist. A meridian compares to radio in that if a city has 12 radio stations, much like our 12 meridians, it is imperative that each specific station broadcast at its individual frequency.

In other words, if a station is operating at 90.5 on the dial, it comes in loud and clear; however if it’s tuned in at 90.4 or 90.6 the radio broadcast fades and results in static. There is nothing wrong with the radio; the fine-tuning is out of adjustment. A specific adjustment to the radio will bring it into full normalcy as does detailed adjustments to your meridian system bring it into balance.

This is what we measure objectively through Meridian Imaging analysis – your body's electromagnetic resistance at key wellness points. This determines if a meridian is within or outside the normal boundaries of your body by either being too high, too low, extremely split from left to right or (ideally) within normal limits.

Understanding Your Results

The Meridian Analysis & report shows your relative energetic balances in each of the meridian channels. Some of the channels may show energetic disturbances, as indicated by the various colors shown on the graphs.

LU    Lung
PC    Pericardium
HT    Heart

SI      Small intestine
TE     Triple energizer
LI      Large intestine

SP     Spleen
LR     Liver
KI      Kidney

BL     Bladder
GB    Gall bladder
ST     Stomach

graph normalization.png

The imbalances shown don’t necessarily indicate disease but show energy imbalances in need of correction. Referencing the classical model of Traditional Chinese Medicine, these imbalances, if left uncorrected, may lead to continued problems and symptoms. Therefore, one of your treatment goals will be to provide the specific treatment to correct any imbalances shown in this report.


Dr. Aristotle will review and discuss this report with you and incorporate its findings into your treatment plan. Your treatment will likely include future meridian examinations to monitor your progress during the course of treatment.