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Is Your Diagnosis The End Of The Line?

Once you’ve received a name for your health problem (a diagnosis), remember it’s not the end but only the beginning.

The important question you must now ask yourself is what caused it? You may have heard that when nutrient levels go down, the toxicity levels go up and healing is difficult.

However, in many outdated practitioner guidelines in the United States there is no mention of finding the cause and solution by assaying the nutrients and toxins, evaluating imbalances in the nervous system and meridian pathways. By doing so you jump back on your healing path!

What do people have in common when meds or surgery don’t work?

There are patients I’ve seen in the clinic that have been told after extensive examination: “We can’t find what’s wrong,” or “It is all in your head,” or “Sorry, you’ll have to learn to live with it.”

The examining doctor, unable to find the root cause of the problem, has little else to tell you. Fortunately, many physicians are now referring their patients for a functional chemistry evaluation and meridian analysis as a last resort.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

The human body’s energy flow courses over twelve meridians or channels that are normally well balanced. If a disruption of energy flow exists, it can alter the entire system, producing pain or symptoms in your body.

If we compare a 175 lb man on one end of a seesaw and a 47 lb child on the other end, it becomes obvious the seesaw is “broken” due to the fact the heavier person would be sitting on the ground and lighter would be dangling in the air.

Even though the seesaw is producing a “symptom” of being broken-detailed examination would not reveal anything wrong with the seesaw. The obvious answer is in the “balance.” Correction of the balance corrects the problem.

The integration or blend of both Eastern and Western medicine is the driving force behind solutions to overcoming many challenging health issues in the world today.

“I’m here because I’ve tried everything” is a common phrase I frequently hear from patients. Uncovering the root cause is the focus rather than looking at a long-term routine of meds with side effects that would keep patients hooked for years to come.

It Started In The Early 90’s

Back in the early 90’s, during my initial years of practice, patients would come in for a specific problem looking for a quick fix.

It would be an upcoming event, a big competition, an overdue pregnancy, a 12 year old covered in warts because of a weak immune system while kids would make fun of him at school, cancer pain, nausea from chemo, a puppy that was hit by a car and he was going to be put down (patient stopped by the office after seeing the vet), multiple sclerosis, pro hockey- basketball, baseball, football injuries,-golfers, swimmers, new born, law student prepping for bar with migraines, pilot with neck pain, A-list actor with an eye that was beginning to close due to injury (who jokingly told me the only part he could get would be a pirate with a patch over his eye), Olympic volleyball player with pain in ALL joints (had previously been x-rayed over 12 times in a month), 40 year old with early spinal degeneration and horrific pain…the list goes on.

Patients were generally referred to me by doctors as a “last resort” and told there was nothing more that could be done from a Western medicine perspective.

The Short-Term Treatment Plan

The quick fix. As soon as patients felt better, they would say, “OMG” It worked!!! Like a patch job on the road. They’d wait until the next injury or relapse. They did not understand long term wellness because “I did not educate them.”

But then I received a universal message in 2006…I became totally paralyzed from an autoimmune problem. Only able to move my hands at the wrists and blink my eyes I was told “I’ll be confined to the electric wheelchair and would not walk again.” A “patch job” would not suffice. I needed a deep, uncover the root cause type of care if I was ever to walk again.

Recovery Was A Choice

A couple of years passed. I found my way back as I approached the ability to walk again. I vacated the electric wheelchair investment and recovered. How I did this I share in my book: “Change The Way You Heal, 7 Steps To Highly Effective Healing.”

I then started to make a change in my practice. I implemented treatment programs geared toward long term lifestyle changes to help those that wanted a “life of health” not just a short-term “patch job.” This was when I integrated the full functional medicine laboratory testing along with Meridian Imaging and a variety of time-tested Eastern healing methods that I developed.

The term: “Doctor of Last Resort” slowly took hold as I began seeing many more unresolved health conditions.

This approach changed the type of practice I had in the past. I was no longer the short-term relief doctor like an aspirin without side effects. It changed the healing process for patients.

People from around the globe started inquiring and looking for changes beyond “I’m feeling better.” Their strong desire to maintain overall health and move beyond only “when it hurts.” This is wellness. This is holistic.


As a result of my new multifaceted approach patients now “get it” because their lives are more active overall and they want to keep it that way in the field of functional medicine.

They choose maintenance at various levels depending on the daily stress they are exposed to or the severity of tissue damage from their original health issue.

Now, there’s a greater need for everyone to feel good which evolves into looking good! I can tell you how good I eventually looked (in my heart) even though I was sitting in a wheelchair withering away having lost almost 60 lbs of healthy weight in just a short few months. When I decided to change on the inside, I felt the change on the outside evolve.

Whether a health problem influences or stops you from family activities or playing with the grandkids, an upcoming part in a film, sports competition, infertility, pain management, low energy, chronic health problem or just anti-aging…it doesn’t matter what you name the condition…. You will have an edge because of the healing choices you make today and not quitting too soon! (this is the most common reasons for slow healing). I see some quit and then continue on the slow self-destructive path holding on to the health problem. At times they will return to try again. This is also common.

The approach I now share with patients is more about energy balance, quality of life and longevity from the inside out. If you wear out your body, where will you live?

In the clinic there are some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. This is an example of working from the outside in which is also a starting point for many.

Patients that have unresolved health problems know it’s more than just physical goals. It’s also emotional and how they spend the rest of their time on earth and their ability to embrace positive change when it comes to living their passion. Get my point?

We’re working on so many things during the available 24-hours. Excessive stress, family responsibilities, raising kids, caring for loved ones, personal worries, exposures to environmental heavy metals, overwhelm from news on social media and television… it’s overpowering.

When patients see and feel results from labs, meridian imaging, and we treat imbalances and understand how it influences their digestion, metabolism, hormone activity, energy levels, aging and more. They get better!

How Can I Help?

We all must be patient with Mother Nature. I was fortunate to be given a 2nd chance at life. It was a gift.

I now have an obligation.

Being paralyzed with an unexpected health crisis changed me and the methodologies I integrate to help you overcome health challenges and achieve the wellness you deserve both physically and emotionally so you can share those desirable moments with loved ones.

I’ve been there. I now understand you more than I did before I was paralyzed. I know what it’s like to be frustrated when your body seems to fail you. From a simple headache or back pain to full blown cancer or a paralyzing autoimmune issue.

I'm here for you.

If you’ve fallen off the path, it’s easy to jump back on with a little guidance.

If you’ve been told there’s nothing more that can be done then start by checking your energy levels through Meridian Imaging.

If it’s been awhile, remember you are always welcome back to start where we left off.

Call our office. Telehealth and concierge house calls are also available. Surprise yourself!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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