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Frightening Patterns In Blood Tests

There’s a frightening pattern I'm seeing in patient's blood tests that needs your attention.

My concern is the combination of dangerously low red blood cell (RBC) magnesium “and” low vitamin D levels seen in many comprehensive blood tests..

It’s important to know that if you consistently have low vitamin D levels, even though you take vitamin D, a magnesium deficiency may be the reason you can't correct it.

Low magnesium levels could also make you a victim of a fatal heart attack.

In addition to increasing your RBC magnesium levels, I recommend working on increasing your vitamin D levels to 75 nmol/L or more.

Don't settle for a Vitamin D level of less than 50 nmol/L. It is not enough to support your healing or good health. The most current medical literature has shown that 5000IU per day is safe. You can increase as high as 10,000 IU.

I'm seeing many health providers are still recommending 3-400IU per day. This is out-dated information. This level is enough to help prevent a disease called rickets.

Much higher levels of vitamin D are needed for prevention and healing diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, osteoporosis, depression, recurrent infections, dental problems, etc.

So the take away is make sure you have your red blood cell magnesium levels in conjunction with vitamin D levels properly tested.

By the way, I mean red blood cell magnesium NOT serum magnesium. There's a big difference!

For help getting tested for Vitamin D or RBC Magnesium, give us a call.

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