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Fertility & Fertility Clinics

To help uncover the root cause of infertility problems there are 3 things to consider:

  1. Energy Analysis via Meridian Imaging

  2. Structural Analysis via Physical Examination

  3. Bio-Chemistry Analysis via Laboratory Testing

Eastern healing techniques have long been revered for the ability to assist fertility even though the scientific community has not been able to explain what occurs physiologically. The success, clinically, is very significant to those wanting to start a family.

Many are now combining integrative medicine with fertility clinic procedures to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy.

The success rate is strong although there are a variety of medical conditions that may render a couple childless despite the best efforts of procedures.

“As a nurse, I am generally surrounded by anti-natural approaches to health problems. I decided to try the integrative approach for infertility. I lived far away and wasn’t able to make every treatment but after three months I discovered I was pregnant!”

In addition to a detailed medical history, the first step is to measure the energy flowing in the meridians through the female reproductive organs and make sure there are no blockages coursing through the uterus and ovaries.

This is done vis the meridian imaging shown in the video at the top of this page.


Integrative care may begin when a woman tries to conceive, before initiating fertility treatments, after several unsuccessful months/years of trying or during the first several weeks of pregnancy.


Most patients choose to continue treatments to support their pregnancy and the overall well-being of the mother and support the growing child. Many benefits include stress reduction, nutrition, helping with nausea, and structural support for low back pain relief when the body is shifting. A patient consulted our office that had visited a fertility clinic. She successfully became pregnant with triplets. However.... one of the triplets was not developing properly and was potentially creating a life threatening burden for the other two. In fact it was a situation that was going to possibly require a selective reduction (reduce the number of fetuses). The Mother decided to wait. We analyzed and located the blockages in the meridian system, corrected imbalances associated with the nervous system and integrated homework for the patient. Result: The procedure was not needed and today the patient has 3 healthy children. HOMEWORK FOR INFERTILITY

Once the meridians have been balanced via a meridian analysis, there are also targeted Acupoints needed to support the pregnancy. Here is a list of common solutions using specific points depending on your unique situation. 1. Help protect pregnancy and early pregnancy support. 2. Nourish the emotions and reduce the stress associated with prior pregnancy attempts (if needed). 3. Benefit the uterus and promote conception/fertility 4. Nourish ovaries. 5. Calm the mind and prepare for IVF. 6. Benefit the embryo before and after transfer.

“A 40-year old female scheduled for a 3rd attempt at a local fertility clinic. She was losing hope but was told how the meridians may help enhance the success rate of of in-vitro fertilization by supporting the blood flow throughout the reproductive organs. She was treated 2 times a week for a 3 months before the IVF procedure with follow-up support.

Using the Acupoints needed for fertility support and performing a meridian analysis of which consisted of many energy blockages flowing through the reproductive organ system we were able to help prepare her for the fertility clinic procedure. Shortly after the fertility clinic procedure she was informed it was a success!”


We are all are exposed to high levels of environmental toxins. Over the years the body can accumulate toxins from the air, food and water including substances we apply on our skin.

Many of these toxins get stored in the various tissues of the body including the female reproductive organs and eventually will become part of the baby’s circulatory system while pregnant.

For example, researchers examined data from studies around the world, covering nearly 3,000 mother-child pairs. They discovered that every 10-fold increase in a mom’s flame-retardant toxins levels led to a drop of 3.7 IQ points in her child.

Pre-pregnancy programs integrate targeted laboratory analysis to determine your current state of toxicity; nutrition and detoxification capabilities. Then a custom detoxification and nutrient support protocol will be completed.

We do not recommend a detoxification program during pregnancy. However, there are other options for the various symptoms as shown below.


Did you know there are meridian points that have been shown to help support painful uterine contractions? They work wonderfully for signaling the meridian system of the body to assist labor at full term. This support care is completely safe.

Labor induction with this approach was recently shown in a study to reduce medical inductions by 35-43%, the use of epidurals by 31% and emergency Cesareans by 32%.

A patient was overdue a few weeks and consulted our office. We did a meridian analysis to help uncover any energy blockages. There were splits shown on the Meridian coursing through the uterus. We balanced the meridian then sent the patient home with "homework points." In 3 days, I received a call and they had delivered a health baby boy!


After giving birth, a mother’s hormones can shift dramatically which shows up both physically and emotionally.

Meridian Therapy helps moderate hormonal changes to assist in the transition back to normal. Nutrition and Chinese herbs will also help speed recovery and stabilize the mood. Care also will help stabilize the structural changes that occurred while the body begins to recover on the structural level.

​If you have questions, give a call for a consultation. 310.734.0951 or complete our online form at


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