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Transcend® Far Infrared Sauna

Design, style, and engineering come together in a sauna that is as beautiful as it is functional.


Transcend's cabin is designed for minimal distraction with an openand spacious feeling interior that invokes a clear mind and encourages stress to melt away as you soak in the soothing heat.


The cabin's interior and exterior woodwork boast an unmatched level of refinement and detailing.


Leading innovations in materials and heater design put the Transcend far infrared sauna in a class of its own for healthy design, as well as efficiency and reliability.


Transcend saunas come standard with everything you could want in a sauna from premium sound by Pioneer to the best chromotherapy in the industry.

The Most Effective Far Infrared Sauna for Radiant Health

Infrared-induced PERSPIRATION bypasses overtaxed internal toxin metabolism directly eliminating toxins, especially reaching into the fat cells to RELEASE hard-to-reach stored toxins.


High Tech Health pioneered infrared saunas for detoxification and continues to give you the most advanced and capable saunas available. Rejuvenate your skin while you relax and let go of stress giving your body the down time it needs to be its healthiest.

"Me time" has never felt so good, and been so healthy and easy! Since 1997, High Tech Health has been designing infrared saunas for health professionals and people serious about their health. Now written about in more than 40 books. From our lowest-EMF cabins and use of only premium materials, to our air-circulation design and state-of-the-art heaters, all High Tech Health infrared saunas include everything necessary for the most advanced sauna detoxification possible. That is why High Tech Health far infrared saunas are recommended by more MDs and other health practitioners than any other infrared sauna.

All of Our Infrared Saunas Feature:

• Our Own Patented Triple Antifield Heaters That Mitigate All 3 Kinds of EMF (independently proven lowest total EMF)

• Comprehensive Lowest-Total EMF Cabin Design of any Infrared Sauna


• 100% Solid Premium Poplar Wood (except when in 100% solid Hemlock Wood --Save $400!) • Fresh-Air Fan Maximizes Oxygen, Minimizes Carbon Dioxide


• Dual Sauna Controls (inside & outside)


• Industry-leading Power-Efficient Design


• Non-toxic, Non-outgassing, Solvent-free Wood Glue

• Electronics Certified to Europe's Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS)


• Built to last!

• World's first far infrared sauna to utilize PVC-free / phthalate-free wiring!

• First sauna with low-magnetic field power cable to the wall

NEVER in Our Infrared Saunas:

• Plywood (which emits formaldehyde)

• More than one kind of wood (so you know what you are getting)

• Carbon heaters (energy wasteful, poor reliability, high electric field EMF, typically high magnetic field EMF)


• Near infrared (damages eyes, accelerated skin aging)

• Formaldehyde-based wood glues (common to most wood furniture

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