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Being pregnant & raising young children is one of the most special moments in a person’s life. It can also be one of the most stressful, exhausting & physically demanding times.

Working in conjunction with your fertility clinic or OB/GYN, our wellness programs are an effective way for you to experience many benefits before, during, and after pregnancy.

1. Fertility Clinic Preparation
2. Pregnancy 
3. Post-Pregnancy


There are many choices to starting a family by integrating the services of a Fertility Clinic. It’s our privilege to offer high-quality, cutting-edge Pre-Fertility Clinic Programs to those planning to use a fertility clinic.

If you are looking to start a fertility program or have failed with various attempts, read on…

Dr. Aristotle specializes in identifying and strengthening potential weaknesses to help you prepare your body for your journey with a fertility clinic. This is done through the Aristotle Method and 3 Tenets Of Health:

1. Restore Bio-Energy Levels
2. Rebalance Biochemistry & Nutrition
3. Re-Establish Neuro-Structural Integrity

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our focus is on helping your body become ready for the modern advances in fertility care and pregnancy.

Have you ever tried to repeatedly plant seeds in a garden and nothing happened? The contributing issue was the soil. You would then need to identify what minerals and other crucial ingredients were missing. Once the weakness has been determined and strengthened, you'd then proceed with more confidence and a better success rate in planting seeds in the garden.

​Patients from around the globe visit our Beverly Hills clinic to be evaluated and treated. Once your system is balanced, you would then make an appointment at the Fertility Clinic of your choice.

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We are all are exposed to high levels of environmental toxins. Over the years the body can accumulate toxins from the air, food, and water including substances we apply to our skin. Many of these toxins get stored in the various tissues of the body including the female reproductive organs and eventually will become part of the baby’s circulatory system while pregnant.

For example, researchers examined data from studies around the world, covering nearly 3,000 mother-child pairs. They discovered that every 10-fold increase in a mom’s flame retardant toxins levels led to a drop of 3.7 IQ points in her child.

Our pre-pregnancy programs integrate targeted laboratory analysis to determine your current state of toxicity; nutrition and detoxification capabilities. Then a custom detoxification and nutrient support protocol will be completed.

When you come to our office for a meridian analysis and physical examination we will be able to determine what strengths and any potential weaknesses that may be present. 

A doctor’s report will be presented to you so you and the doctor can decide what treatment options are available to you.

We do not recommend a detoxification program during pregnancy. However, there are other options for the various symptoms as shown below.



Eastern therapies have long been used as a solution for nausea.  Treatment performed is completely safe and can be helpful in reducing a variety of pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness.


Fatigue is a symptom many women experiences, especially in the first and third trimesters. Many of our patients receiving care report an increase in their energy levels.


Throughout pregnancy, back pain can be a common as the developing baby puts pressure on the back while at the same time the mother’s ligaments begin to loosen resulting in imbalances of the spine and pelvis. Eastern therapies are an effective treatment for back pain in conjunction with soft tissue treatments, which are non-invasive and comfortable.

It is recommended to begin care as soon as possible as the condition can worsen as the baby grows. To help ease the pain in any part of the back, neck and shoulders and hips, including issues with sciatica.


Did you know there are meridian points that have been shown to help support uterine contractions at full term? They work wonderfully for signaling the meridian system of the body to assist labor at full term. This support care is completely safe. Labor induction with this approach was recently shown in a study to reduce medical inductions by 35-43%, the use of epidurals by 31%, and emergency Cesareans by 32%.


After giving birth, a mother’s hormones can shift dramatically which shows up both physically and emotionally. Meridian Therapy helps moderate hormonal changes to assist in the transition back to normal. Nutrition and Chinese herbs will also help speed recovery and stabilize the mood. Care also will help stabilize the structural changes that occurred while the body begins to recover on the structural level.


Supercharge your knowledge!

In this workshop excerpt, Dr. Aristotle Economou will show you how to help yourself by reducing your own levels of discomfort & exhaustion and enable you to be a better parent & caregiver.

This excerpt shares key steps, easy strategies, and surprising tips to reduce fatigue and gain extra energy.

You’ll discover:

✓ 5 reasons back pain is so prevalent among pregnant women.
✓ 4 reasons fatigue is so common among pregnant women and new parents.
✓ 2 activities parents do that cause the most pain and fatigue.
✓ 2 factors to consider when choosing a stroller.
✓ 5 ways to avoid pain when nursing.
✓ And so much more!


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