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Overcoming Morning Sickness

It is rare if a pregnant woman does not encounter a certain amount of "morning sickness" throughout the term.

As any one who has ever experienced pregnancy can confirm, morning sickness leaves an expectant mother miserable for days, weeks or months, turning an otherwise joyful time into a period of misery.

Thankfully there is an integrative approach, when properly used, which produces a remarkable response.

It has been my personal clinical observation, that this system carries with it a success rate as high as 90 percent overall. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by applying this method.

To get you started, begin by using these 3 acu-points with firm pressure for 30 seconds per area:

P 5 -- Jian Shi -- Intermediary -- four fingers above the palmar wrist crease.

P 6 -- Nei Guan -- Inner Gate -- three fingers above the palmar wrist crease.

LIV 3 -- Tai Chong -- Bigger Rushing -- between the large toe and second toe.

If your morning sickness is deep rooted and you still need additional assistance, let us know.


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